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Savvy Researcher Workshops can help anyone – undergraduates, graduate students, staff, or faculty – understand the different steps and areas of research. From managing data to organizing your citations to promoting your research, we can help you get a firm grasp on how to be a better, and more effective, researcher.

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Workshops Overview

  • Design a Research Poster
    Learn about the key elements and design techniques for creating a research poster which will make people stop, read, think, and talk to you.
  • Intro to GIS
    Learn the basics of GIS – what it is, why is it important, and how to use it – and then use QGIS to create a basic map using data.
  • Manage Your Data
    Managing your data well saves you time, increases the impact of your research, and can help you get grant funding. In this workshop, learn how to organize, store, and share your data as well as write a data management plan.
  • Manage & Cite Your References: EndNote
    Learn to organize and cite your references in multiple citation formats using the citation management software EndNote. Use the Cite While You Write feature to create citations directly within a paper.
  • Manage & Cite Your References: Mendeley
    Mendeley is a web-based citation manager and academic social network. Create your own fully-searchable library, cite as you write, and read and annotate your PDFs.
  • Publish Your Research
    Want to see your research published in quality publications? Learn about resources and strategies that will help you pinpoint journals that are a perfect match for your research ideas.
  • Promote Your Research
    Learn why and how to promote your research via research networks, such as ORCID and Google Scholar, and social media as well as an introduction to scholarly metrics. During this session, everyone will create and add publications to an ORCID account.
  • Visualize Your Data: Fundamentals
    Visualizations can help both you and your readers understand your research better. Learn about the different types of visualizations, the elements of a good visualization, and software that can help you create dynamic visualizations.

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