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W3Schools    (Refsnes Data)
Free web-building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, XSL, Multimedia, PHP, SQL and WAP.
Note: Unrestricted access
Wage Determination Online    (U.S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service)
A single location for federal contracting officers to use in obtaining appropriate Service Contract Act (SCA) and Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) wage determinations (WDs) for each official contract action from the U.S. Department of Labor, the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce.
Note: Unrestricted access
Wall Street Journal    (Multiple sources)
  Wall Street Journal (ProQuest) Full text of the Eastern edition. Coverage: 1984-
  Wall Street Journal Only headlines are available to non-subscribers, but they often offer a short free trial.
Water Resources of the United States    (U.S. Geological Survey)
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collects information needed to understand the Nation's water resources, and provides access to water data (stream flow, ground water levels and water quality), publications, and maps, as well as to recent water projects and events.
Note: Unrestricted access
Wayback Machine    (Internet Archive)
The Internet Archive is a growing digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. It also includes a comprehensive list of other internet archives for moving images, audio and texts.
Note: Unrestricted access
Weather Underground - Astronomy    (The Weather Underground, Inc.)
Sky charts and sky lore from a commercial producer. Lots of ads but you can tone these down by subscribing.
Note: Unrestricted access
Web of Science    (Thomson ISI)
A multidisciplinary index database that provides access to BIOSIS Previews, Essential Science Indicators, and the Science, Arts & Humanities, and Social Sciences Citation Indexes.
Coverage: 1975-
Note: Tutorials on how to use WoS including "Saving Search Histories and Creating Email Alerts", and "Exporting Records".
Webopedia    (JupiterWeb)
Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology definitions. Includes a quick reference section with links to practical information.
Note: Unrestricted access
Western History Subject Index    (Denver Public Library)
Formerly known as the General Index, this Colorado/Western history resource indexes the Rocky Mountain News from 1865 to 1995 as well as other newspapers, journal and magazine articles, manuscript collections, and chapters from books in the Denver Public Library collections. This index was originally accessible only through print-format catalog cards in the Western History/Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library. Each card has been digitized; results pull up images of the cards.
Note: Unrestricted access
WestLaw Next    (WestLaw)
WestLaw Next is a collection of news, business and law-related resources. It includes important analytical sources, such as Am Jur 2d and the ALR's, as well as law reviews and journals. Primary Law Sources are also included, such as the United States Code Annotated (USCA or US Code), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and the Federal Register, as well as state statutes and regulations, and all federal and state cases.
Note: Security certificate warnings may appear. It is safe to continue.
WestWord    (NewTimes)
An alternative news weekly for Denver Metro.
Coverage: 1994-
Note: Unrestricted access
Why Files?    (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The Why Files is a popular and critically acclaimed web site that explores the science behind the news.
Note: Unrestricted access
Wikipedia    (Wikimedia Foundation)
A free encyclopedia that anyone can, and does, contribute to with varying levels of accuracy. Students: Best practice is to use this for general info and terms to formulate searches in further research and to check your facts.
Note: Unrestricted access
Wiley Online Library    (Wiley)
Provides indexing all journal titles and access to many journal titles on the Wiley Interscience database. Just start searching using the search box on the left side of the screen.
Coverage: full text generally from 1998-
Note: This database does not provide a "full text only" search therefore you will sometimes reach books and journals of which you cannot access the entire content. To find the full text, or a way to obtain the resource through the Auraria Library, please search for your book or journal in the Journal List or in Start My Research.
WilsonWeb    (Ebsco)
H.W. Wilson was purchased by Ebsco and the WilsonWeb databases are now available through the Ebsco database platform. The Wilson databases are included in this alphabetical list of resources available through Ebsco. Check the ones you wish to search and "Continue".
Women in Politics Bibliographic Database    (United Nations)
Women in Politics was developed with the contribution of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The database is regularly up-dated to include new books and articles produced throughout the world on the subject of women in politics
Note: Unrestricted access
Women Writers Online (WWO)    (Women Writers Project)
Online editions of texts by English and American women published between 1500 and 1830. It also includes introductory essays by contemporary scholars about Renaissance women writers, their texts, and related topics and supplies links to other textual databases and a collection of syllabi.
Women's Knowledge Digital Library    (University of Wisconsin and Women's Knowledge International)
Women’s Knowledge Digital Library (WKDL) is a partnership of the University of Wisconsin System Gender and Women's Studies Librarian’s Office, Women’s Knowledge International, The 4W Initiative at UW-Madison, and the UW System Gender & Women’s Studies Consortium. Explore WKDL for online resources on topics including history, literature, girl studies, LGBTQ studies, and other topics pertaining to women's studies.
Note: Unrestricted access
Women's Legal History Biography Project    (Robert Crown Law School, Stanford University)
This website is a resource for all who are interested in the subject of women lawyers in the United States. Contained therein are a number of studies, in biographical form, of the lives of individual women lawyers, and the movements and philosophies that inspired and sustained them.
Note: Unrestricted access
WordNet    (Princeton University)
An online lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations link the synonym sets.
Note: Unrestricted access
World Economic Outlook    (International Monetary Fund)
Annual economic and financial survey compiled by the International Monetary Fund. Presents analysis and projection of economic developments at the global level, in major country groups, and in many individual countries. Index to publications.
Note: Unrestricted access
World Population Trends    (United Nations)
Index to full text resources on fertility, families, mortality, migration and other aspects of world population from the United Nations.
Note: Unrestricted access
WorldCat    (OCLC)
This database represents the OCLC Online Union Catalog, containing millions of records describing items owned by libraries around the world; each record contains library holdings. ~1000 A.D.-present.
WorldCat Identities    (OCLC)
This database creates a summary page for each of about 25 million personal and corporate authors mentioned in the WorldCat catalog, a catalog representing more than 60 million items owned by libraries world wide.
Note: Unrestricted access
WorldPages    (TransWestern Publishing)
Directory of business and non-business telephone numbers, home and e-mail addresses, and Web sites worldwide. Use mapping feature to find the exact location of a business or person's home.
Note: Unrestricted access
Worlds of Words: International Collection of Children's and Adolescent Literature    (University of Arizona, Education Department)
This comprehensive website includes a searchable database of children’s and adolescent books focusing on world cultures and indigenous peoples.
Note: Unrestricted access
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts    (ProQuest)
CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts provides access to the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy.
Note: Email yourself a copy of the article instead of a link.    (WorldWideScience Alliance)
Developed and maintained by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information in partnership with the British Library, is a global science gateway enablling federated searching of national and international scientific databases. Users get the most current findings in fields such as energy, medicine, agriculture, environment, and basic sciences, published by contributing nations.
Note: Unrestricted access
Writing Center     (UCD)
Offers workshops on Argument, Grammar, Citation, CVs, and more to all of the UCD community - faculty, staff, students and alumni, in-person. Location map. Students may also make a 50-minute appointment for daytime and evening online sessions every hour that the Denver Campus Center is open.
Note: Unrestricted access
Writing Center.    (Metro State Univeristy of Denver)
Available to any Metro student, the composition instructors and trained writing tutors at the lab work with you to develop your writing abilities. The Lab offers 40 minute consultations and 10 minute "speed tutoring" sessions. Speed tutoring sessions are designed for students to ask one or two simple questions, such as "how should I cite this source?" For all other situations, the Lab recommends a 40 minute consultation. Online help, also known as Smart Thinking, is available.
Note: Unrestricted access