Special Collections and Digital Initiatives 12.13.2017

Sutherland Letters Showcase

Come check out the Special Collections' Donald Sutherland Letters Exhibit Showcase, located on the first floor of the library near the Lawrence Street Entrance.

Before the publications of Gertrude Stein, UC Boulder Classics Professor Donald Sutherland was a simply another infantryman in the US Army developed in Europe during World War II. Married to a native Frenchwoman, Gilberte de Save, they corresponded in both first and second languages, French and English. 

He is perhaps best remembered today for his friendship with Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, among other avant-garde writers and artists. 

UCD Professor Ann William's French 4540 Translation class in Fall 2017 chose those letters, at random, from the Donald Sutherland Collection for a class translation project which went far beyond mere translation to examine the milieu of the times. 

Case 1: Portrait of Donald Sutherland in 1944

Case 2: The French language theatre program from The Misanthrope mentioned in the 1958 letter in the display case.