Cynthia Hashert Director, Interim 303-556-5256

Administrative Services

Marical Farner Associate Director 303-556-3525
Debra Buck Financial Services Manager 303-556-3522
Ed Espinoza Administrative Services Assistant 303-556-6022
Bud Hall Security Guard 303-829-2892
Jane Hood Marketing & Communications 303-556-5808
Alex Matthews Human Resources Manager 303-556-6021
Becky Robinson Facilities Manager 303-556-6111

Education, Research and Access Services

Cynthia Hashert Associate Director 303-556-5256
Access and Public Services
Vacant Department Head    
Douglas Flint Ask Us Weekend Supervisor 303-556-4383
Supak Kerdpanthong Ask Us Night Supervisor 303-556-6673
Matthew Odom Access and Public Service Specialist 303-556-4575
Mozhdeh Saffari-Parizi Reserves Specialist 303-556-5921
Rick Simons Video Specialist 303-556-3551
Kathy White Customer Experience Manager 303-556-3534
Stefani Wiest Access and Public Service Specialist 303-556-4576
Education and Outreach Services
Andrea Falcone Department Head 303-352-3953
Eric Baker Research and Instruction Librarian 303-556-8192
Thomas Beck Collection Development and Research Librarian, Professional Studies 303-556-8371
Mary K. Dodge Research and Instruction Specialist 303-556-3526
Lorrie Evans Instruction Program Lead 303-556-6776
Zoe Fisher Pedagogy and Assessment Librarian 303.556.4762
Nikki McCaslin Collection Development, Research, and Instruction Librarian 303-556-3390
Kevin Seeber Foundational Experiences Librarian 303-556-4298
Karen Sobel Research & Instruction Librarian for Art, Architecture, Music, and Urban Planning 303-352-3640
Rachel Stott Teaching & Learning Librarian 303-556-8104
Information and Educational Technology Services
Vacant Department Head    
Sasha Castillo Web Services UI Developer 303-556-2846
Jenny Filipetti Creative and Educational Technology Manager 303-556-2190
Cathalina Fontenelle Web Services Programmer 303-556-2275
Kiersten Merkel Digital Media Specialist 303-556-3527
Tuan Nguyen Desktop Support Manager 303-556-5655
Ryan Turch Desktop Support Professional 303-352-3582
Neena Weng Web Services Unit Manager 303-352-3987
Researcher Support Services
Shea Swauger Department Head 303-556-4759
Orlando Archibeque Social Science Collection Development Librarian 303-556-3482
Jeffrey Beall Scholarly Communications Librarian 303-556-5936
Gayle Bradbeer User Support and Science & Engineering Collection Development Librarian 303-556-2791
Diane Fritz Geospatial Services Specialist 303-556-4524
Kelly McCusker Social Sciences Librarian 303-556-2073
Ellen Metter Humanities| Anthropology Research Librarian & Collection Development Program Lead 303-556-4516

Technical Services

Sommer Browning Associate Director, Interim 303-556-2613
Resource Management
Sommer Browning Department Head 303-556-2613
Geraldine Archuleta Library Acquisitions Specialist 303-556-8198
Charissa Brammer E-Resources Access Librarian 303-556-4528
Kimberly DeRosa Serials Manager 303-556-5951
Katy DiVittorio Acquisitions Librarian 303-556-4513
Molly Galey Subscription and Purchasing Manager 303-352-3949
Vera Gao E-Resources Cataloging Librarian 303-556-5269
Susan Hom Cataloging Specialist 303-556-4514
Katherine Honda Interlibrary Loan & Stacks Supervisor 303-556-4498
Alla Kroychik E-Resources Access and Discovery Professional 303-556-2764
Scott Park E-Resources Assistant 303-556-4548
Special Collections and Digital Initiatives
Rosemary Evetts Special Collections Librarian 303-556-3530
Matthew Mariner Digital Collections Manager 303-556-5817
Systems Administration
Rick Boeder III Systems Administrator 303-556-4067
Patricia Tawnelle Assistant Systems Administrator 303-556-4761