When a student or faculty member finds just the information needed - the Collection Development Librarians (CDL's) have succeeded! The CDL's oversee the acquisition and upkeep of resources for particular disciplines - that's books, ebooks, databases, videos, and media.

Faculty members: just contact the CDL for your area when you'd like to recommend resources in support of teaching, learning, and research. No particular forms are necessary! A call, an e-mail, or ripped page from a catalog sent to the CDL at Box 101 all work. Whatever works best for you.

Also tap a CDL if you'd like him or her to recommend resources for your research and teaching needs, if you have purchase recommendations, or if you find you can’t access an online resource.

Orlando Archibeque


Social Science Collection Development Librarian

Collection areas include: Economics, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Grants, International Affairs, Political Science, Psychology, and Public Health.

Thomas J. Beck


Collection Development and Research Librarian, Professional Studies

Collection areas include: Business; Criminal Justice; Environmental Policy; Health Administration; Hospitality, Travel and Events Management; Human Performance and Sport; Law; Leisure Studies; Parks and Recreation; and Public Affairs.

Gayle Bradbeer


User Support and Science & Engineering Collection Development Librarian

Collection areas include: Agriculture, Aviation, Biosciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Geology, Health, Mathematics, Meteorology, Nursing, Physics, Technology, Transportation, and Veterinary Technology.

Nikki McCaslin


Collection Development, Research, and Instruction Librarian

Collection areas include: English, Film Studies, Linguistics, Literature and Modern Languages.

Kelly McCusker


Social Sciences Librarian

Collection areas include: Children’s Literature, Education, Library Science, Social Work, and Sociology.

Ellen Metter


Collection Development Program Lead and Research Librarian

Collection areas include: Anthropology, Communications, Film and Media Production, History, Journalism, Philosophy, Religion, and Theatre.

Karen Sobel


Collection Development, Research, and Instruction Librarian, Arts & Architecture

Collection areas include: Art, Architecture, Music, Photography and Urban Planning.