Staff Directory

Administrative Services
Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Debra Buck Financial Services Manager 303-556-3522
Marical Farner Associate Director of Administrative Services 303-556-3525
Bud Hall Security Guard 303-829-2892
Cynthia Hashert Director, Interim 303-556-5256
Jane Hood Marketing & Communications 303-556-5808 JANE.HOOD@UCDENVER.EDU
Alex Matthews Human Resources Manager 303-556-6021 ALEX.M.MATTHEWS@UCDENVER.EDU
Becky Robinson Facilities Manager 303-556-6111

Special Collections
Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Rosemary Evetts Special Collections Librarian 303-556-3530
Matthew Mariner Digital Collections Manager 303-556-5817 MATTHEW.MARINER@UCDENVER.EDU

Education, Research and Access Services
Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Orlando Archibeque Social Science Collection Development Librarian 303-556-3482
Eric Baker Research and Instruction Librarian 303-556-8192
Jeffrey Beall Scholarly Communications Librarian 303-556-5936
Thomas Beck Collection Development and Research Librarian, Professional Studies 303-556-8371 THOMAS.J.BECK@UCDENVER.EDU
Gayle Bradbeer User Support and Science & Engineering Collection Development Librarian 303-556-2791
Mary K. Dodge Research and Instruction Specialist 303-556-3526
Lorrie Evans Research and Instruction Librarian, Social Science 303-556-6776
Andrea Falcone Education and Outreach Services, Department Head 303-352-3953 ANDREA.FALCONE@UCDENVER.EDU
Ignacio Ferrer-Vinent Science Research & Instruction Librarian 303-556-4919
Douglas Flint Weekend Ask Us Desk Supervisor 303-556-4383
Megan Hartline Access and Public Services, Department Head 303-352-3827 MEGAN.HARTLINE@UCDENVER.EDU
Katherine Honda Interlibrary Loan Specialist 303-556-4498
Supak Kerdpanthong Ask Us Desk Night Supervisor 303-556-6673
Cynthia Martinez Head of Information Delivery Services (IDS) 303-556-3534
Nikki McCaslin Collection Development, Research, and Instruction Librarian 303-556-3390
Kelly McCusker Social Sciences Librarian 303-556-2073 KELLY.MCCUSKER@UCDENVER.EDU
Ellen Metter Humanities| Anthropology Research Librarian & Collection Development Program Lead 303-556-4516
Mozhdeh Saffari-Parizi Reserves Specialist 303-556-5921
Kevin Seeber Foundational Experiences Librarian 303-556-4298 KEVIN.SEEBER@UCDENVER.EDU
Rick Simons Library Technician 303-556-3551
Karen Sobel Research & Instruction Librarian for Art, Architecture, Music, and Urban Planning 303-352-3640
Shea Swauger Researcher Support Services, Department Head 303-556-4759 SHEA.SWAUGER@UCDENVER.EDU
Patricia Tawnelle Library Technician II 303-556-4761
Diane Turner Research/Instruction Librarian 303-556-2719

Information and Educational Technology Services
Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Amanda Burch Learning Spaces Technology Manager 303-352-3627 AMANDA.BURCH@UCDENVER.EDU
Niraj Chaudhary Information and Educational Technology Services, Department Head 303-556-4351 NIRAJ.CHAUDHARY@UCDENVER.EDU
Jenny Filipetti Digital Media Specialist 303-556-2410 JENNY.FILIPETTI@UCDENVER.EDU
Tuan Nguyen Desktop Support Manager 303-556-5655 TUAN.NGUYEN@UCDENVER.EDU
Ryan Turch Desktop Support Professional 303-352-3582 RYAN.TURCH@UCDENVER.EDU
Neena Weng UX Specialist 303-352-3987 NEENA.WENG@UCDENVER.EDU

Technical Services
Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Geraldine Archuleta Library Acquisitions Specialist 303-556-8198
Rick Boeder III Systems Administrator 303-556-4067
Sommer Browning Head of Resource Management 303-556-2613 SOMMER.BROWNING@UCDENVER.EDU
Kimberly DeRosa Serials Specialist 303-556-5951
Katy DiVittorio Acquisitions Librarian 303-556-4513 KATY.DIVITTORIO@UCDENVER.EDU
Vera Gao E-Resources Cataloging Librarian 303-556-5269
Susan Hom Cataloging Specialist 303-556-4514
Alla Kroychik E-Resources Access and Discovery Professional 303-556-2764
Ellen Nedzel Electronic Resources Acquisitions Specialist 303-556-2438
Denise Pan Associate Director of Technical Services 303-556-4762
Tracie Seurer E-Resources Access Manager 303-556-4548