Are your professors starting to use phrases like “15-page research paper due in November,” or “10-minute presentation by October?” Whether you’re a research expert or novice, the Library’s got you covered.

In addition to expert assistance, research guides, and self-paced learning options, the Library’s got digital and physical format books, articles, videos, and online collections to help.

This month’s feature shows sample items for a variety of better known topics, to remind you of the research riches at your disposal. Of course, the Library also has plenty to support specialized topics or unique ideas of your own, perhaps inspired by other topics represented by library materials that can inform your ideas.

First recommended step: get on the Library’s home page and do searches using the Start My Research box. Also, click around the site for even more search and help options. See what your tuition dollars are supporting!

The Monthly Featured Resources of September Contributors: Ellen Metter, Sasha Castillo, and Indiana Mezta.