Academic Onefile

Run Time

Steps for using Academic OneFile:

  1. Start at the library’s homepage:
  2. Click on Databases A-Z.
  3. Click on Academic One File Plus, the first link under “Multi-Subject Databases.”
  4. If you are off-campus, you will need to type in your name and your student ID number in order to begin your search.
  5. Now we can search in the database. I want to learn more about the sport of boxing, so I’m going to type “boxing” into the first search box. Now click Search.
  6. The full text is available for many articles, but some results say “Find full text.” Sometimes, we do not have an article and you will need to request it through Interlibrary Loan. For more help with that, watch the Interlibrary Loan tutorial.
  7. For this search, there are over 1500 results. To narrow down your results, click on the checkbox on the left that says “to documents with full text.” We are refining our search to only include articles that we have immediate full text available.
  8. Many professors want students to find peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. Click on the checkbox that says “to peer-reviewed publications.” This retrieves articles that are full text and peer-reviewed.
  9. There are many other ways to limit our search and narrow our results. You can click on an item in the Related Subjects list to retrieve articles about that subject.
  10. Click on the title of the article to get more information about the article. Read the abstract to gain an understanding of what the full article might be about.
  11. Use the tools on the right to save, print, and cite an article.
  12. This database has information available in a variety of formats. There are photos, videos, and even podcasts. To view all of the formats available, look at the “Content Types” category on the left. Click on a specific content.
  13. If you need more help or have any questions, visit the Research Help desk  click the Ask Us link on the Library's homepage.