Article Search

Run Time

Here's how to find an article when you have a specific journal and date range in mind. For this example, we will look for articles in Current Directions in Psychological Science from February 2008.

  1. First, go to the Auraria Library homepage,
  2. We’re going to use this search box in the middle of the homepage. We can just enter the title in quotation marks: "Current Directions in Psychological Science."
  3. Now we get a link to the journal. It says "Full text online." Click on it.
  4. Now we are on the records page for the Click the "Link to Full Text."
  5. This opens a new page. Notice that this journal is available from several links. Since our article was published in 2008, we want to make sure we click on a link that has articles from that year. Let’s click the first link because that covers articles published from 1992 through 2009.
  6. If you are off campus, you will have to type in your name and student ID number, just as they appear on your student id card.
  7. Ok, now we are in the electronic journal. Notice that there are a list of years on the right hand side. That’s how we are going to find our article! If you wanted to browse this journal or if you knew the author or title of an article, you could use the “Search within this publication.” Let’s click on 2008.
  8. Now we see a list of volumes with corresponding dates. Click on Volume 17, Issue 1. This issue was published in February 2008 and must contain the article that we are looking for.
  9. Here we see a list of all the articles published in this issue. Based on our assignment, we can choose any of the articles from this issue.
  10. As always, Ask Us if you are getting frustrated with your research.