Lorrie Evans - Instruction Program Lead

To introduce students to the interpretive dance that is research, Lorrie uses classroom activities to develop confidence, spark questions and expose this nonlinear process. She takes a student-centered and active-learning approach to more fully experience the research landscape. When students leave the class wondering where this will all lead, they are starting to dance.

Eric Baker

This former mechanic believes that nothing beats the right tool for the right job. When your job is online research, Eric teaches the specialized techniques that make databases your best research tool—for this job & many, many more to come!

Thomas Beck

A knowledge of research essentials is necessary for the education and future employment of our students, and Tom imparts that knowledge through teaching. He makes himself available to students both in and out of the classroom, to continue their learning experience. During that process, he shares the importance of learning as a lifelong endeavor, which will enrich their lives in ways yet unrealized.

Mary Botte

Mary has a strong belief in students’ potential and their ability to learn. She values diversity in learning and the experiences that students bring with them to the classroom. Learning needs to be authentic and hands on to provide real world skills. Mary believes in reflection to bolster learning and collaboration to build on strengths.

Melissa DeWitt

Melissa believes that skills learned in the classroom should build upon students’ foundational knowledge and extend beyond coursework. She uses enthusiasm, student-directed activities, and collaboration to encourage students to think critically about their own research processes.

Mary Dodge

Mary enjoys meeting students where they are and exploring the possibilities for research. She teaches students to define their research needs and to identify the best available resources whether in the library or throughout Colorado. Mary loves the moments when students realize that research is within their grasp.

Britany Hamilton

Britany helps students develop their research skills through lively discussions about validity, bias, and neutrality in information. She encourages students to think critically about how information is produced and what purpose it serves. Britany's flexible, energetic teaching style encourages students to approach their information needs in new ways.

Nikki McCaslin

Nikki enjoys helping students identify, locate, and evaluate information resources they will need to become successful student and professional researchers. Using student topics of interest and hands-on training, Nikki’s classes explore and discuss a variety of resources and search and refinement strategies.

Kevin Seeber

Kevin seeks to engage students in instruction and connect their past information seeking experiences with new concepts. He encourages group discussions, and aims to make in-class exercises that are authentic to students’ research processes.

Karen Sobel

Karen believes in developing transferable skills through her library instruction. She also believes that library instruction serves as an equalizing force in the classroom, empowering students with all kinds of educational backgrounds to perform successful research.

Rachel Stott

Rachel strives to create authentic, student-directed learning opportunities. Through open discussion, critical thinking, and active learning, she encourages students to acknowledge that while research is often messy, building information literacy knowledge and skills will serve them well beyond the classroom.

Katrina Vandeven

Katrina enjoys assisting students in creating efficient and transferable research skills. She uses experiential and collaborative learning activities to draw out students’ inner information detective, and create curiosity in critical source analysis and knowledge creation.