Researcher Support Services 06.16.2017

New Database: Women's Social Movements, International - 1840 to present

Auraria Library recently acquired Women & Social Movements, International – 1840 to present – a digital archive expected to get heavy use from researchers in gender studies, history, sociology, and other disciplines. You may want to familiarize yourself with the content and the search interface before the fall semester begins.


Women and Social Movements, International - 1840 to present is a digital archive that includes 150,000 pages of conference proceedings; reports of international women's organizations; publications and web pages of women's non-governmental organizations; and letters, diaries, and memoirs of women active internationally since the mid-nineteenth century. Includes photographs and videos of major events and activists in the history of women’s international social movements. It also includes 30 essays from leading scholars which explore themes illuminated by the primary documents in the archive.


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