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Auraria Library is excited to highlight and honor Auraria Campus faculty and their book publications. Faculty have written or edited books in all disciplines, from engineering to literature, architecture to history.

This page includes faculty book publications from 2020 to 2022. Browse or search the list and then access the ebooks directly from the links or find the location of the print book in Auraria Library.

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Title Author Publication Year Institution
Architecture, Aesthetics, And The Predicaments Of Theory. 2022 CU Denver
Bob Dylan's New York: A Historic Guide. 2022 CU Denver
Conflicted Care: Doctors Navigating Patient Welfare, Finances, And Legal Risk. 2022 CU Denver
Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance Blockchains And Robust Trading Strategies. 2022 CU Denver
Essentials Of Public Service: An Introduction To Contemporary Public Administration 2022 CU Denver
Essentials of Public Service: An Introduction to Contemporary Public Administration, 2nd Ed. 2022 CU Denver
Exceptionally Queer: Mormon Peculiarity And U.S. Nationalism. 2022 CU Denver
Exocytosis: From Molecules to Cells 2022 CU Denver
Explainable Artificial Intelligence In Medical Decision Support Systems 2022 CU Denver
Exploring Communication Theory: Making Sense Of Us 2022 CU Denver
Exploring Communication Theory: Making Sense Of Us. 2022 CU Denver
Groundcover 2022 CU Denver
Human Resource Essentials For Public Service: People, Process, Performance 2022 CU Denver
Identity, Gender, and Tracking: The Reality of Boundaries for Veterinary Students 2022 CU Denver
Major League Sports And The Property Tax: Costs And Implications Of A Stealth Tax Expenditure 2022 CU Denver