Collection Development at Auraria Library

The Auraria Library is committed to supporting the learning, teaching, research, and service missions of the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver), and Community College of Denver (CCD) by providing students, faculty instructors, administrators, and staff with the information, research, and educational resources they need to succeed. One way we do this is through a process called collection development. This involves reviewing, selecting, purchasing, evaluating, and removing, when necessary, library resources. We do this in accordance with the library's vision, mission, and values.

Our goal for collection development at Auraria Library is to create diverse, robust, and well-used print and online collections that reflect the needs and interests of the campus community and ensure users have access to diverse perspectives, histories, and ideas. Our collection is always evolving – it shifts and shapes in terms of size, content, format, and subject matter.

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about Auraria Library collections. For more details, see the Auraria Library Collection Guidelines.

How does Auraria Library decide which resources to purchase?

The primary factors we consider when selecting library resources are their relevancy to campus goals, teaching, learning, and research and their quality of content. Specific considerations include:

  • anticipated demand,
  • information accuracy and reliability,
  • timeliness or permanence of the material,
  • strengths and weaknesses of our existing collection in the subject,
  • cost and whether the cost is a one-time expense or ongoing,
  • whether the resource supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility,
  • accessibility of the resource,
  • books written or edited by current Auraria campus faculty, and
  • whether the resource provides access to full-text, abstracts, or bibliographic information.

I’d like Auraria Library to purchase something, how can I tell you about it?

Please fill out our Recommend a Purchase form. We want to hear what you want to see in our collections!

Does Auraria Library have resources other than books?

Yes! We have many types of resources including:

  • databases,
  • journals,
  • streaming videos,
  • streaming music,
  • statistical sources,
  • datasets,
  • magazines,
  • dissertations and theses,
  • DVDs,
  • music CDs,
  • maps,
  • photos and images,
  • primary sources,
  • technology (including laptops, wifi hotspots, cables, chargers, calculators, and video cameras),
  • anatomy models, State Park passes, and more unique items in our Ask Us Collection.

Does Auraria Library buy textbooks?

We rarely buy “true” textbooks – books introductory in nature with a new edition every few years. This is due to budget constraints as we are not able to purchase all books for all campus courses. We do occasionally purchase books used for courses, but these are usually because they are not “true” textbooks, they are written by campus faculty or staff, or a department has provided money to purchase the textbooks.

The Library can help faculty and instructors in choosing alternative, open, and affordable classroom materials. Learn more about this on our Open Educational Resources (OER) page. Instructors are also encouraged to place personal copies of textbooks on Course Reserve so students can access them.

Why does Auraria Library remove materials from the Collection?

We consistently review Library resources for relevancy to campus needs. Sometimes we need to remove physical materials or cancel online resources due to space considerations, changes in campus needs, price increases, and/or decreased funding. Factors we consider when assessing resources include:

  • usage,
  • age,
  • whether the resource supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility,
  • relevancy to campus teaching, learning, and research,
  • availability of newer and more relevant resources,
  • cost,
  • currency,
  • condition,
  • space requirements,
  • format,
  • availability of an item or related items from other libraries,
  • whether and where a journal is indexed,
  • accessibility of the resource,
  • ethical concerns related to the vendor, and
  • strategy of the overall collection.

Are Auraria Library’s videos closed captioned?

Efforts are made to purchase videos with closed captioning. If closed captioning is unavailable, a transcript is sought. Non-captioned films, which were purchased before the closed captioning mandate, exist in the collection. Efforts continue to decrease the number of films without closed-captioning or transcript options.

Does Auraria Library have dissertations and theses?

The Library buys only a small percentage of dissertations as dissertations are often available at no charge and many dissertations are available via Interlibrary Loan. See the Library’s Dissertations & Theses Research Guide for finding strategies and sources.

Most University of Colorado dissertations and theses are searchable through the Dissertations & Theses at University of Colorado System collection, with full-text supplied for most post-1996 titles. Auraria Library also hosts many Auraria campus dissertations and theses in the Auraria Library Digital Collections.

Can I donate books or other materials to Auraria Library?

Yes, but we have guidelines about what we will accept and when. See our Book and Media Donations page for information about the types of resources the Library may be interested in.

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