Gift Donation Guidelines

Auraria Library considers non-duplicative scholarly and educational materials that support campus curriculum and research needs for acceptance. Below are items the Library does not review or accept. If donated, these items will be discarded.

  • Journals/magazines
  • Duplicates of resources owned by the Library
  • VHS, LP, or cassette formats
  • Sheet music -Mass market paperbacks
  • Advance reading copies or bound or unbound galleys
  • Outdated books, including textbooks in rapidly changing fields
  • Most government publications
  • Items in poor physical condition
  • Materials left at the library without pre-approval by a librarian

Initiating the Gift Assessment Process

If your gifts meet our Gift Donation Guidelines, please email with a thorough description of the materials you would like to donate including a title list if available.

Please note:

  • No pick-up service is available. If a librarian decides to review the materials, donors may schedule a pre-arranged drop-off of materials with a librarian, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • Items are accepted with the understanding that no restrictions shall be placed on the materials' use or retention.
  • Donors are not notified regarding the library's decision to retain or discard materials.
  • Donors may request receipts noting number of titles donated. The Library does not supply donation valuation.

Other Places for Your Gifts

Public libraries often welcome gifts for their collections or book sales. Stores specializing in used items, books, and LP’s may also accept donations.