Library Director

Cinthya Ippoliti Auraria Library Director 303-315-7771

Administrative and Operational Services Division

Matthew Allard Building Operations Coordinator 303-315-0064
Ed Espinoza Procurement Assistant 303-315-7769
Alex Freedman Communications Coordinator 303-315-0329
Samantha Vang Finance and Administration Manager 303-315-7767
Vacant Administrative and Operational Services Assistant Director    
Kevin Lawless Employee Engagement Manager    

Information Technology and Web Services Department

Edelreich Deloslado Web Developer 303-315-0594
Cathalina Fontenelle Web Services Programmer 303-315-7783
Tyler Howarth Information Technology and Web Services Department Head 303-315-7758
Michael Schaming Web Services UI/UX Senior Developer
Kathy Shei IT Support Engineer 303-315-7753
Ryan Turch IT Manager 303-315-7755

Research, Learning, and User Services Division

Keith Teeter Research, Learning, and User Services Associate Director 303-315-7732

Access and User Services Department

Douglas Flint Ask Us Weekend Supervisor 303-315-7702
Supak Kerdpanthong Ask Us Night Supervisor 303-315-7747
Martin Martinez Public Services Specialist 303-315-7768
Charles Quinn Customer Experience Manager 303-315-0341
Mozhdeh Saffari-Parizi Reserves Specialist 303-315-7748
Rick Simons Video Specialist 303-315-7710
Michelle Spagna Access Services Manager 303-315-7712
Bailey Wallace Access and User Services Department Head 303-315-7722

Creative Technology Services Unit

Kiersten Merkel Creative Technology Services Manager 303-315-7780
Alon Morris Creative Technology Specialist 303-315-7773
Laurel Schwaebe Creative Technology Specialist 303-315-7765

Scholarly Research Services Department

Diane Fritz Geospatial Data Scientist 303-315-7707
Geoff Johnson Graduate Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7723
Vacant Scholarly Research Services Department Head    

Teaching and Learning Department

Eric Baker Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7746
Thomas Beck Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7742
Mary K. Dodge Research and Instruction Specialist 303-315-7733
Lorrie Evans Teaching and Learning Program Lead Librarian 303-315-7744
Nikki McCaslin Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7735
Kodi Saylor First-Year Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-0720
Kaiya Schroeder Online Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7752
Kevin Seeber Teaching and Learning Department Head 303-315-7704
Karen Sobel Online Teaching and Learning Librarian 303-315-7709
Rachel Stott Online Learning Program Lead Librarian 303-315-7754

Collection Management and Discovery Division

Sommer Browning Collection Management and Discovery Associate Director 303-315-7728

Collection Development and Strategies Department

Emily Andrews Firm Order Acquisitions Specialist 303-315-7789
Katy DiVittorio Collection Development and Strategies Department Head 303-315-7701
Philip Gaddis Interlibrary Loan and Acquisitions Manager 303-315-7726
Lorelle Gianelli Serials and Stacks Manager 303-315-7751
Katherine Honda Stacks Maintenance Specialist 303-315-7749
Johannes Loetz Collections Assessment and Interlibrary Loan Specialist  303-315-7764
Alejandro Marquez Collection Development Librarian 303-315-0280
Kelly McCusker Collection Development Program Lead Librarian 303-315-7731
Mariana Prestigiacomo Collection Development Librarian 303-315-7750
Molly Rainard Subscription and Purchasing Manager 303-315-7737
Vacant Collection Development Librarian    
Vacant Collection Development Librarian    

Discovery Systems and Metadata Department

Kelsey Brett Discovery Systems and Metadata Department Head 303-315-7770
Yelena Gordiyenko Metadata Management Librarian 303-315-7708
Susan Hom Cataloging Specialist 303-315-7736
Alla Kroychik E-Resources Access and Discovery Professional 303-315-7739
Vacant E-Resources Access Librarian    
Vacant Systems Librarian    

Special and Digital Collections Unit

Dot Donovan Special and Digital Collections Program Lead Librarian 303-315-7756