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Featured Database - Swank Digital Campus - Access free movies

Featured Database: Swank Digital Campus

You can use databases to easily find organized collections of articles, journals, news, streaming videos, primary sources, data, and more!

Here’s one of our most favorite databases:

Swank Digital Campus

What’s in it?

Swank Digital Campus provides access to major motion pictures and documentaries for educational purposes. Swank works with major movie studios and many independent producers. Some content producers include Disney, Warner Brothers, and HBO.

Why should you use it?

Utilizing films can make teaching and learning more engaging in a variety of subjects.

Who should use it?

Students and faculty looking to support their learning experience with major motion pictures and documentaries. These films can be watched individually, used for group classroom viewing, and assigned in a Learning Management System.

Why use a database?

When you use a specific database, rather than a search engine or discovery tool, you often can find more relevant sources. For example, subject databases include sources about that subject only, rather than a general search engine or discovery tool that includes information about everything. This way you don’t have to wade through thousands of irrelevant results!

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