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Featured Database - Optics InfoBase

Featured Database: Optics InfoBase

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Optics InfoBase

What’s in it?

Optics InfoBase is Optica's (formerly the Optical Society of America  a.k.a. OSA) full text repository of all its journals including Journal of Lightwave Technology, Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, and no longer published journals such as Journal of Display Technology. It also contains recent proceedings from OSA conferences such as Optics for Solar Energy, and Laser Applications to Chemical, Security and Environmental Analysis.

Why should you use it?

Optics and photonics are everywhere. They are used in astronomy, your phone, biomedical devices, defense & security, remote sensing, semiconductors, bioinformatics, and solar & alternative energy. The professionals and researchers who work in these fields share their discoveries in Optics InfoBase. There are almost 600 tutorials on various aspects of optics including things such as forward error correction for transmission lines.

Who should use it?

Those who are studying far flung galaxies or to increase connectivity on the cable network and everyone in between will be using articles, tutorials, the image database, and the conference proceedings.

Why use a database?

When you use a specific database, rather than a search engine or discovery tool, you often can find more relevant sources. For example, subject databases include sources about that subject only, rather than a general search engine or discovery tool that includes information about everything. This way you don’t have to wade through thousands of irrelevant results!

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