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With the recent creation of the CCC Online Library for the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), instructors at the Community College of Denver (CCD) will need to consider what library resources your students have access to when linking to and assigning resources in your courses.

The Auraria Library is the Community College of Denver Library

All CCD students, faculty, and staff retain access to Auraria resources. If you are teaching a pooled or consortium course online, however, the students enrolled from other CCCS schools will not have access to Auraria Library materials. For these courses, instructors should direct students to CCC Online Library resources. 


Auraria Library

CCC Online Library

CCD Faculty

CCD Student (In Person)


CCD Online Student (Home Sections)


CCD Online Stduent (Pooled Sections)

CCCS Students



For additional questions or support with course design and accessibility, please contact the CCD Teaching Learning Center. 

If CCD is the home college for all the students in your course, they will all be able to use Auraria Library links and resources. If you would like help with identifying or linking these resources, please reach out to Auraria Library’s Teaching and Learning Department.