Copyright law compliance guidelines

Affects both Electronic Reserve AND traditional paper reserves

  • We cannot accept more than one chapter from any one book (or 10% of the entire book, whichever is less), or more than one article from any one issue of a journal.
  • All photocopies must have complete bibliographic citations typed or legibly printed on the top page or on a cover page preceding the article. Journal articles often have this information already printed on them. If they do not, please add the citation.
  • Bibliographic citations must be included on Reserve Request form. A typed reading list or bibliography with complete citation information will be accepted in lieu of filling out the form.
  • For book chapters, please provide a complete citation for the source or include a photocopy of the title page of the book from which the chapter is copied.

Electronic Reserve must meet the following conditions

  • High quality originals are required for best scanning results.
  • 8.5x11 paper (no books or pamphlets).
  • Paper clipped (No staples, please!)
  • A limit of 15 items will be accepted for placement on E-reserve per course, per semester. If you submit more than 15 items, please prioritize in date needed order. Staff will process first 15 items and then will process the rest of the request based on date needed by order.
  • A limit of 50 pages per item will be enforced.
  • Limits on staff time and scanner capability require us to make this restriction in order to be fair to all faculty requesting items to be scanned for E-reserve.