Congratulations! You’re graduating! Your education will make some doors swing wide, and others open a bit. Now, maybe you’re going directly to a job, heading into the job market, thinking about grad school, or considering certifications or training to further improve your career options, or just satisfy your desire to keep learning. Maybe you’re thinking about what you need to do to help forge a terrific life. Check out these post-grad resources below!

Did you know you can still use the Auraria Library, even after you graduate? Your access privileges will change, but you’ll still be able to check out books and use online materials when you’re in the Library.  After graduation, just sign up for your free access at the Library’s Ask Us Desk.  Campus alumni can also register for online access to some (but not all) Library resources, including Sage Journals. Contact your alumni office establish alumni privileges.

The Monthly Featured Resources of May Contributors: Ellen Metter, Sasha Castillo, and Joseph Gosalvez.

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