Climate and weather are two different things, but they both influence how we live. Weather describes short-term atmospheric conditions - that is, it lets you know if hail is about to smack you on the head! Weather can change quickly in time and space, which is why it is difficult for your weather forecast app to be 100% correct. Climate describes the prevailing or average weather of a region over many, many years. Climate dictates our overall lifestyle, while weather tells us whether we wear a jacket or not. The Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just released a report that discusses how our climate is changing at a problematic rate.

To help you explore these concepts, we've gathered some resources to help you dig in. Among these materials, you'll find a readable journey through the jet stream, access to data, a fun guide to clouds, in-depth resources on atmospheric phenomena, a look into how great skiing & riding powder is made and a link to the actual IPCC report. Enjoy!

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