Welcome to the Fall semester!  You’ll soon be looking for full-text articles, videos, ebooks and more to speed your learning and use in your papers and presentations. Not to mention efficient search and discovery strategies and tips. While you’re settling into the semester, take a few minutes to click around the Auraria Library web page.  Oh, the things you’ll find to support your school work and research! These include trying -

  • Library tutorials to help you become familiar with search strategies including how to find scholarly articles
  • The Start My Research search box on the home page and all the filtering possibilities, such as limiting to “Media Only” for streaming videos
  • The Citation Builder, to help with efficiently creating citations for your paper, presentation, or research reference list (bibliography)
  • Services A-Z to see tons of support options
  • The Research Guides, to get a handle on books, videos, databases, search strategies and more for many subject areas and goals

Check out the links below to see samples of what the Library supplies to make the semester lift lighter.

The Monthly Featured Resources of August Contributors: Ellen Metter and Indiana Mezta.

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