The Auraria Library resumed limited in-person services starting Aug. 17th. For additional information, please visit the Auraria Library Safe Return Plan page.

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To enhance your experience here, we have adopted a Library General Use Policy. The Auraria Library is funded to support the academic missions of the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Colorado Denver by providing resources and services to enhance the education, research, learning, and administrative objectives of the academic community. The Auraria Library also allows community members not affiliated with the three Auraria institutions to use its resources so long as such use is consistent with the Library's mission. The Library reserves the right to define and interpret the terms used in this policy. All users of the Auraria Library are expected to behave in a manner which promotes the full use, operation, and enjoyment of the Library's resources and facilities. No one may engage in conduct that interferes with another's ability or right to use and benefit from the Library’s resources and facilities. See Guidelines below for examples of unacceptable conduct. Anyone who violates this policy will be informed to cease the behavior and/or to leave the Library. If these guidelines are violated and requests to comply are disregarded, staff members are instructed to contact the AHEC Police. If further action is necessary, the established disciplinary procedures of the user's parent institution will be followed. For non-affiliated users, any further action will follow the procedures established by the University of Colorado Denver.

Links to Student Codes of Conduct for University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Community College of Denver:

User Conduct Guidelines

Users of the Auraria Library may expect:

  • A library environment that is welcoming, safe, and free of disruptive activity.
  • Confidential access to library materials.
  • Library materials that are complete and in acceptable condition.
  • Surroundings free from tobacco smoke and carelessly discarded waste materials.
  • Quiet areas for individuals to study and to engage in research.
  • Collaborative areas for individuals to respectfully engage in group study.

User conduct is unacceptable if it:

  • Impedes others from a timely use of facilities, materials, or resources.
  • Excludes others from using the Library for its intended purpose.
  • Results in injury to oneself or others.
  • Results or may result in damage to library materials, building, or equipment.

Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Engaging in illegal activities including acting in a lewd manner, voyeurism, peeping, carrying weapons, following other users. Police will be called if illegal activities are suspected.
  • Being in possession of or under the influence of alcohol or drugs while in the Library.
  • Using e-cigarettes in the library.
  • Viewing or displaying sexually explicit material of any type.
  • Harassing, threatening, or intimidating Library staff or Library users, including rude behavior, rowdiness, physical or verbal abuse.
  • Soliciting, selling, petitioning, or panhandling.
  • Removing Library materials from the building without checkout. Bags and backpacks are subject to search if the detection alarm sounds.
  • Creating loud noises that are disruptive to other users,especially in areas designated as quiet areas such as the 2nd floor. For example, talking loudly on cell phones on 2nd floor is prohibited.
  • Sleeping.
  • Causing odors that constitute a nuisance to others.
  • Any activities that are intended to interfere with or disrupt computer networks, library services, or equipment.
  • Vandalizing Library facilities, equipment, or materials. Theft of Library property is a violation of CRS 24-90-117.
  • Using restrooms inappropriately, such as for bathing, laundering, or loitering.
  • Eating and drinking near computers, books, or journals. Leaving food waste and trash is prohibited.
  • Blocking aisles or any other passages in such a way as to prohibit free flow of other users.
  • Entering the Library with duffel bags, bedrolls, sleeping bags, trash bags or shopping carts.
  • Using furniture or building facilities in ways which may cause damage, excessive, or unreasonable wear, e.g. lying down, putting feet on the furniture or walls, etc.
  • Leaving children unattended anywhere in the Library. A responsible adult must accompany children. If a child is left unattended and the responsible adult cannot be immediately located the AHEC police will be called.
  • Bringing any animals, except service animals or animals authorized by Library staff, into the Library. Unattended animals will be reported to the AHEC Police.
  • Bringing bicycles or other similar conveyances into the Library (Library staff are exempt).
  • Leaving personal items unattended in the Library. Library users must keep personal belongings with them at all times.
  • Not wearing shoes or a shirt.

Computer Access

  • In order to access computers on site at the Auraria Library, all users must have a valid Auraria Campus ID (includes student or faculty/staff ID’s from any of the three schools) or a valid State of Colorado Driver License or State of Colorado Identification Card.
  • Students, faculty and staff affiliated with the Auraria Campus have unlimited access to all PC’s in the public areas of the first and second floors.
  • Guest passes are only available to patrons who have received sponsorship from an Auraria Library faculty or staff member (e.g. visiting scholars or visiting librarian/directors). These passes may be used for up to four days on any library PC, including the lab.
  • The Commons computer lab is for Auraria students only.
  • Auraria alumni no longer in school can get public patron privileges with a Colorado picture ID. There is no special patron type or privileges for Alumni.
  • If a UCD/Metro/CCD faculty member demonstrates that he/she has emeritus status (such as a letter from the dept and a Colorado ID), we consider that an on-going relationship with an institution and that person has full library privileges.

Computer Use

  • Use computers only for lawful purposes.
  • Viewing or displaying sexually explicit material of any type is disallowed on any library computer. Anyone engaged in this activity will be asked to leave the library and could be banned permanently.
  • Observe the established computer time limits.
  • Respect the configuration of computer equipment at the Library.
  • Use of an ID which does not belong to the user may result in banning from the Library.

Photo and Video Shoots by Auraria Library

  • The Auraria Library staff or its representatives may take photos or video of its facilities, resources, and users for general promotion of its offerings and services to students, faculty, staff, and the community.
  • For organized and staged photo or video shoots by the Library staff or its representatives, image release forms from the models will be obtained.

Photo and Video Shoots by Students and Faculty for Classwork or Research

Who Can Apply for Permission to Film and/or Take Photos in the Library?

  • Auraria Campus Faculty may request permission to film and/or take photographs in Auraria Library for classwork or as part of a research project.
  • Auraria Campus Students may request permission to film and/or take photographs in Auraria Library to fulfill requirements for a specific class project assigned by faculty member. 
  • All filming/photography requests must complete the permission request and in doing so, agree to abide by Auraria Library and AHEC’s Filming & Photography Policies.

Permission Request Process

Both Auraria Library and AHEC must approve your request before you may proceed:

  • Email your filming/photography request for review to Auraria Library:
  • Please be sure to include all of the following information:
    • Name of student photographer/film producer, telephone number, e-mail
    • Name of faculty member who assigned the project, institution, telephone number, e-mail
    • Project Title
    • Proposed filming/photography dates, times and locations and a short description of each scene
  • If the Library approves your request, then you must apply for a permit through AHEC:

Auraria Library Filming and Photography Policy

  • Filming/photography may be performed only in designated areas that have been approved by the Library in advance
  • Filming/photography is generally not permitted in quiet study areas, staff areas, and bathrooms
  • Filming/photography must not be disruptive, violate any campus policies, inconvenience members of the campus community, or create a safety hazard
  • The videographer/photographer must provide their own subjects
  • The videographer/photographer may not film/photograph anyone without their permission and must obtain consent in advance from anyone who is filmed/photographed
  • The Library reserves the right to end filming/photographing at any time

AHEC Auraria Campus Filming & Photograph Policy

  • Auraria Campus Event Services reviews and gives permission to campus organizations that submit requests to advertise or do photography/videography on campus. It is important to ensure that there aren't other events scheduled during the requested photo shoot times to avoid disruptions
  • Students attending the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, or University of Colorado Denver may film on the Auraria Campus for purposes of academic credit to fulfill requirements of a class project assigned by a faculty member for a grade. Filming must not be disruptive, violate any other campus policies, inconvenience members of the campus community, or create a safety hazard
  • Students are required to fill out the Permit Form and obtain the listed approvals before beginning a filming project. The Permit Form can be found on the AHEC

Report violations to the Ask Us Desk (303-315-7763) or to any first floor service desk. Report suspected or observed illegal activity to AHEC Police at 303-556-5000. For emergencies, call 911 if using a campus phone; call 303-556-5000 if using a cell phone.

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