Special Collections and Digital Initiatives 03.07.2018

Ninth Street Park

Special Collections and Digital Initiatives recently unearthed a somewhat forgotten relic from the survey of Auraria's very own Ninth Street Historic Park. Prior to the demolition of the Auraria neighborhood, Ninth Street was the center of a densely-populated portion of Auraria, a small tract of which was preserved and is still in use today. The Directory of Ninth Street Historic Park, 1924-1973 was written by David J. Luebbers, a local researcher, for use by MSU Denver's Chicano Studies program in 1982. The booklet lists the names, addresses, and occupations of the 770 known residents of the Ninth Street area from the mid-1920s until 1973. Mr. Luebbers also wrote a similar document focusing on the years between 1871-1900. Unfortunately, both versions are photocopies of the originals and some text is illegible or was cut off during reproduction. Until we are able to locate the originals, these two documents are the best available versions of a critically important document detailing the residents of one of Auraria's most cherished points of interest. Both editions are available in the Auraria Libray Digital Collections Auraria History Collection